The Blog Section is Fixed

It was probably hard to notice a recent change on the site so I wanted to highlight it here on the front page of the site. That change is that I've fixed the Blog section. It was was one of those things where you fix one thing and another thing breaks. I think it had been broken for almost a year (or possibly more!)

I had at one point decided it was not going to be updated so I left it there as an archive only. Now it is back and to get it back I had to upgrade it so it is fully functional again. I think it's still useful as it allows me to post things that don't necessarily need to be front and center on the site and might be slightly off topic but are still important and that I do want to post about.

Since it's reinstatement, I've done one new post on it. It's kind of an update on several things and projects that I have going on.

Please check it out