Too many options?

Currently there are four shirts in the Shop. They each have different qualities and fits. Two options offer the shirts with the ticket picture on the back and two do not. Personally, I purchased the ‘white t-shirt’ and am happy with the fit and quality. It fits like I think a t-shirt should fit. But, I’m not that trendy.

So, just to add to the confusion, some t-shirt options (such as the white t-shirt) provide the choice of direct printing or heat transfer. You can read about the differences where you can choose the options. I have ordered both. One of the biggest difference is the brightness of the image. I thought this would be helpful in determining which to go for. The ‘direct printing’ is on the left and the ‘heat transfer’ is on the right.

Comparison of direct print and heat transfer

It’s true that the heat transfer is stiffer in texture. I haven’t run either of these through the wash yet.

I have already had some comments on the number of options and differences. The question is this: is this too many options?