In my latest round of web site updates, I added a shop link to each page. You may have noticed it. For now it’s ‘hiding’ up there. This is something I have been working on for a little while and it’s finally time to tell you about it. The idea for this was generated by own desire to make a sticker with my new fox design for my daily driver. In trying to research ways to print it, I came across which prints items on demand. It seemed like a good concept and one that lets me get into selling items without having to worry about stock, shipping, customer service and so on. Essentially, cafepress handles all of this and I can concentrate on the creative process which is what I love.

Once I did the sticker, I figured ‘why stop there?’ There seems to be little or no merchandise for the feature car enthusiast. I like to think that I have a creative side (as well as a creative wife always willing to provide input wink) so I tried my hand at a t-shirt design. I have been working on tweaking it since the translation to the printed item was somewhat of an unknown. I have been through a couple of iterations and now am at a point where I can share it. I have had the following shirt made with their ‘Direct Printing’ method. It offers less image quality but is more ‘wearable’. The other option is ‘Heat Transfer’ which is the opposite: better image quality at the expense of how it feels.

tshirt front

Here’s a closeup of the front. Coloring here is pretty much right on. It is darker than what they show in their samples.

tshirt front close up

The back continues the “triple feature” theme with a ticket stub for each car that contains some vital details.

tshirt back

Here is a close up of the back image.

tshirt back closeup

I’m ready to hear some feedback on this both in terms of appearance/color and design. I want to offer more variations of shirts in the future. I have other ideas for designs and options and will expand to offering other items they can make. I ordered a ‘Triple Feature” mug and it looks great. If you like what you see, the items are available for purchase now. I stand to make a couple dollars on each item sold. That money will go to support this web site. It does cost a little to keep this site running and I hope this will be a better alternative to the donation model that I have tried.

Once I feel more comfortable that I am offering items that people will like, I plan on making these offerings more prominent on my site. For now, it’s for your eyes only. Postings here in The Den generally get less views than items on the regular Feature Miustang pages and in the forum. I’m hoping it’s my more diehard visitors that will read this and give me honest feedback.


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