We Have a New Project! Fox Feature Cars on Instagram

We've started a new project here at TripleWhiteFox. And, that's a new sister site and Instagram account called Fox Feature Cars. The purpose is to supplement what we're doing with the ebay auction tracking to include cars listed for sale on other sites such as Craigslist, AutoTrader, etc.

I've wanted to do this for a while but never could figure out a way to extend the ebay auction tracking. That is, until now.

Carlisle Gate-n-go Registration Ends on April 29

This is the last chance to not only save 10% on your registration but also get your passes in the mail. This date will set the size of our club tent too based on the car count! After this date, attendees should expect to receive their showfield passes about 2 weeks out from the event depending on the mail service.

Our Carlisle Page

Official Carlisle Registration Page

Please... Do Not Wash or Detail

I created this to address my anxiety that my car will be washed while in for service. Whether it be my nicely detailed Mustang or my daily driver, I don't want it to go through an automated car wash or to be treated to a sponge and a bucket of gritty water. I try to remember to tell the service advisor that it should not be washed but that's not a perfect solution as it relies on that person recommunicating it.