Nerding Out on HVAC

Trying to get through the winter doldrums, I've been nerding out on some HVAC data and analysis of said data. This is to see how well my heating solution is working and how warm it's keeping the Mustangs.

Carlisle 2020 Update

For the event happening this weekend (7/31-8/2), I've shared the plan I've decided on with some but thought I would post here as well. It looks like I will arrive in Carlisle Friday late morning and attend the show for all of Friday. I will be back on Saturday morning. Provided the crowd stays reasonable, I will attend for the day and head back home on Saturday late afternoon or night. Hope to see you there!

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Registry Update

The 2019-2020 Registry update is complete. In the spirit of getting things done, I got through the 12 new registrations from 2019 and early 2020. I know, it's about time!

The Blog Section is Fixed

It was probably hard to notice a recent change on the site so I wanted to highlight it here on the front page of the site. That change is that I've fixed the Blog section. It was was one of those things where you fix one thing and another thing breaks. I think it had been broken for almost a year (or possibly more!)

We're on the Map!

At the 2019 Carlisle Ford Nationals, someone from Ford Performance Club Connect approached me and asked if I'd submit to be part of their program. I intended to do that shortly after I got home from the meetup. But, that didn't happen. Earlier this month, I had an email from the Club Connect program inviting me to register.