2010 All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA

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I figure if I mention this now, it might make the warm weather come a little faster!

All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA, will be here before we know it... June 4-6, 2010! I hope there are several who will attend, but as many of us know from other shows, half the fun of going is getting there safely. As many will recall, John and I had a great trip heading out to Carlisle with his Triple White and my Texas DPS SSP and it is my hope that we can get many others to join in our fun driving out as well!

This year, I have several others who are thinking about taking the trip out as well. We'll be leaving on that Thursday so that club tents can be setup, can get a good nights rest, then get ready for the festivities! Will leave from the Lebanon, NH/White River Jct., VT area, head south to Hartford, CT area, west to the Scranton, PA area, and then down to Carlisle, PA!

Now what would be better than a Mustang cruise before All-Ford Nationals? Two! The second one is the CJ Pony Parts Cruise on that Friday, where, on average, a hundred or so cars cruise the back roads of PA and arrive at the Carlisle Fairgrounds together. Two great cruises prior to the Carlisle festivities!

More info to come as ideas are brought forth (so if you have any, please post)! Here's a picture to help remind us northerners that there is sunshine ahead of us!


I look forward to another great year at Carlisle, meeting many of you and catching up with some of you again!


  • Joe, You know I'm in for the ride down. It would be great to have a few more cars. I'll keep on the lookout for more to join.
  • I will be able to make the trip to Carlisle this year. I live in Massachusetts and will be able to meet in Hartford. I own a 1992 LE and look forward to the ride down.

    Please keep me informed.
  • Just made my reservations at the Fairfield Inn and Suites at Carlisle. Stayed there last year and it was a nice place and close to the fairgrounds. Ended up using my Marriott points and only had to pay 10K points per night, the lowest bracket!!

    There also is a Residence Inn off the Turnpike. Stayed there 2 years ago. Also nice with big 1 and 2 bedroom suites with full kitchens. More traffic though to get to the fairgrounds. If using points, that one would have ran 15K points per night.

    If anyone is planning on staying over night, now is the time to book the rooms!!!
  • Ken, thanks for the motivation. I just booked Fairfield Inn and Suites at Carlisle. No points for me so it was $109 for Thursday and $149 each for Friday & Saturday. Last year I booked in March and paid $159/night for all three.

    I agree that this location is nice due to the location. There are other hotels in the same area with, I assume, different price ranges.
  • I just received an email related to Carlisle 2010 that sounds like a good opportunity to help out a fellow club trying to get the younger crowd involved:
    Hi fellow Car Enthusiasts,

    My name is Stuart Nembrotti president of the Cougar Club of NJ & PA. I am working with the people at Carlisle and we are looking forward to adding a new class to the Ford Show this year. The class will be for people 25 year old and under, it will be called “Young Guns at Carlisle”. There will be one or more categories depending on how many sign up. In order to do this I need to see if there is any interest from the younger members in your club. Please pass this on to your members and any other clubs you can think of. It is for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products but it can be in any condition. We are just trying to get the young ones in our hobby to meet and show what they are working on. Let’s give them a chance to enjoy the same hobby we have for so many years.

    Thank you, and if you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail <!-- e --><a href="mailto:ww2gamer@optonline.net">ww2gamer@optonline.net</a><!-- e -->

    Stuart Nembrotti
    If anyone has any interest or knows anyone that might be interested (with a feature car or any Ford vehicle), please feel free to contact Stuart directly. His Cougar club is at: http://www.ccnjpa.com/
  • I just booked the Fairfield Inn as well for Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to the show.
  • I am definitely going... hoping to bring my car as well.
  • Looks like everything is shaping up! Will be great to meet some new "Feature Folks"!

    PerformanceRedLx, will indeed keep you informed!
  • Due to increased amounts of interest, I have created an area on my website that has all the details. Since the timing was great last year (despite the heavy construction), I just cloned what we did last year. Since several clubs are spreading the word, I'll keep with the idea of what John requested last year... get there early enough to be able to setup club areas on the show field.

    If anyone has questions, suggestions, etc... Please feel free to let me know! You can e-mail me through my site or PM me here. Since it is early, everything is tentative and can be altered to fit the needs of the majority.

    Cruise to Carlisle 2010
  • Due to increased amounts of interest, I have created an area on my website that has all the details.
    Cruise to Carlisle 2010
    Joe, thanks for taking the lead on this! I was thinking of doing the same thing - Google map and all. I'm looking forward to it already.

    Let's hope the construction is at a minimum this year.
  • Due to increased amounts of interest, I have created an area on my website that has all the details.
    Cruise to Carlisle 2010
    Joe, thanks for taking the lead on this! I was thinking of doing the same thing - Google map and all. I'm looking forward to it already.

    Let's hope the construction is at a minimum this year.
    No problem! Last time I went out to PA to visit some family around the holidays, they still had all the barriers and up for a few miles! I don't know what it really is they are doing or how long it will take!
  • More pieces falling into place - got the confirmation that the Carlisle Events folks received my test reservation form.
  • Hey There fellas!

    Last year I took one of my SC tbirds....this year is the stang's turn again!

    I'll try to drag my bro along with his 93 GT vert.
  • Just heard from someone at Carlisle Events with a change that seems like it will make getting in easier.
    Hey Everyone! Just a quick update, in case you haven’t heard yet: If you pre-register early (see cutoff dates below), we will now mail you your Showfield Sticker!! This means you get to drive straight through Gate 3 to the Showfield and not have to stop out at the Showfield Registration Office.

    Stickers will be mailed to the address you registered with approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the show and they will be sent with a letter directing you where to get your Dash Cards and Goody Bags. You will NOT have to go back out to Showfield Registration for cards or bags, they will be located somewhere on grounds – the exact location is TBD.

    We’re hoping that this saves you the aggravation of waiting in multiple lines outside the Gate.

    Here are all the cutoff dates for all the shows:

    Performance & Style – April 5th

    Import & Kit – April 19th

    All-Ford – May 3rd

    All-GM – May 24th

    All-Chrysler – June 7th

    Truck – July 5th
    So, it's even more important to pre-register.
  • I just was informed that the club association field on the registration form no longer lists TripleWhiteFox.com. It looks like they redid the listing since I last looked and posted my instructions for registering.

    It must be an oversight and I have emailed them to request that we get added back. In the mean time, if you are registering and don't see the listing you can specify "TripleWhiteFox.com" as an 'other' choice. I will followup with them to make sure they also account for that possibility when counting up who we have registered.

    And, when you register, please let me know. Thanks!
  • UPDATE on All-Ford Nationals registration form:

    TRIPLEWHITEFOX.COM is back in the list.
  • DONE! I just signed up for Carlisle. Super easy and Triplewhitefox.com was listed. The great thing is that I will be able to drive right on to the show field and bypass the registration area.

    Now I just need to head over and buy the son and nephew some new Triplewhitefox shirts and we will be all set! Crazy how fast they grow! This will be my son's 3rd shirt......the cool thing is he refuses to get rid of them. I cant say I blame him!
  • Awesome, Ken. You are the second person this week I have added to the list. We are now up to 8 cars.
  • I just registered my car.
  • Amy, that's great to hear.
  • Last day to pre-register for Carlisle Ford Nationals with the discount is tomorrow May 17th.
  • Alright, I received my preregistration sticker in the mail. Has anybody else?

    It shows (what I believe to be) location R19 on the show field and then (what I believe to be) my registration number.

    Can anybody else confirm that location for TWF?
  • Got mine yesterday.

    R19 is your class and stands for "1987 - 1993 Mustang - Stock". The number below you name is your registration number.


    As far as tent location, we have always (3 years running) had the tent located in this class. Technically though, there is no absolute guarantee that the tent will be located in this class. And, in fact, cars parked at the tent location are not technically part of the show field judging that takes place on Saturday. But, because our tent has been located in the class in which most of our cars fall, this has never been an issue. These rules appear to be in place for other clubs that cross many years/makes/models.

    The Club FAQ states that I will be emailed a tent location map one week before the show. I will share that when I get it. Last year I sent out an email on Thursday once I confirmed, in person, the tent location.

    Also, new this year, we are granted the four parking spots adjacent to the tent. This may sound restrictive, but, in past years I don't think we were granted any spots. So, the situation remains as in past years - get there early on Saturday to get a good spot. I likely won't be able to save spots especially after 9:00 AM. Friday is usually less of an issue due to less cars. Sunday is usually less cars but gets more casual in terms of people parking without strict adherence to their classes.
  • John,

    Thanks for the info. I had forgotten that when I registered I chose that class. Doh!
  • Just spotted that the 2010 Carlisle event directory is available.

    http://www.carlisleevents.com/ce/pdf/20 ... ry_web.pdf

    In browsing through it, I saw that Jim Curry's 1992 will be part of the invitational.


    You've seen his car before .
  • I received my sticker last week R23. I look forward to meeting you all. [B-)]

  • Welcome aboard Brian!

    Now post some pictures of your 92!! Are those Saleen Rims or Cobra R's? Like the look of yours (similar to mine!)
  • Here's a few pics how she sits atm. Still need to clean and polish everything.
  • WOW, I really like it!!! Looking forward to checking it out at Carlisle.

    What are the details? Did you build it?
  • The tent map is available. We are the tent in location JJ which is right in the middle of class R19. Here is the section of the map which shows the Mustang section of the show field (in red).


    Here's the whole map:
    http://www.triplewhitefox.com/images/mu ... -Clubs.pdf
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