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  • Jake shared this picture of the switch
  • Do you have a picture? Is the whole switch white? I'v never seen anything but black. The switches would have been consistent with what was standard on all models.
  • I agree, it does look orange in some pictures. I did some searching and there seems to be some calling it Performance Red and others calling it Vibrant Red. If you look at the 1992 window sticker, it's called Vibrant Red. Both names are used across …
  • 100%, I think you should restore it to the "gold edition" spec. You've done the legwork to prove that it was legitimately a package and came like this from the dealer. It's a great story to go along with the car that makes it even more unique.
  • I am pinning this to the top of the discussion threads as an announcement so that I and others can find this in the future. It's been one of the most difficult questions I have had to answer. Before this, I had no answer.
  • Thanks for such a detailed explanation of your findings! You really did the groundwork to figure this out. I really appreciate you sharing it here. I remember the Toyota dealership near me having a "gold package" for certain cars in the 1990's. I…
  • That's great information and investigation. July 26 was very close to if not the last day of feature car production. I've had about a half dozen people contact me over time about gold emblems. Mostly on white cars but once on a yellow car. I checked…
  • Sure! I have a service manual with a diagram that describes how to remove the seat and track. I used to reference the manual electronically on a CD where I could take a screen shot. Finding a CD drive on a computer is rare now. I could take a pictur…
    in NEWBY Comment by TWF_John May 2021
  • Hi! Welcome and congratulations on the car! The other two screws for the seat track are at the rear of the seat and accessible from the back seat. They are each under a plastic cover that you have to remove for access to them.
    in NEWBY Comment by TWF_John May 2021
  • I've not used it on the door panels. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Just try it on a hidden place first. I have used it on the interior quarter trim (where the rear speaker is).
  • I've always had good luck with magic erasers for stubborn stains. And for protectant, I've used RaggTopp products. It's not perfect but has been good enough. There are some stains that just won't come out of a white top.
  • Nice. Thanks for the update. The weather has been hot here, too I've been out on some nice rides in the convertible. Late in the day, of course.
  • If it comes to that, we will be sad to see you go! You are a great source of information on these cars. But, I can understand...other projects come around and one can only focus on so much before the rest gets neglected. In the mean time, I wish …
  • That was pretty much the defacto standard exhaust replacement when the cars were new. A 5.0 with flowmasters was a very recognizable sound.
  • Nice, that's good to hear. I know with that mileage it will be hard to justify adding too many but gotta take the old girl out.
  • Welcome! 6,500 miles! Wow. What are your plans for it?
  • Sure, no problem. I just replied to your email with a little information that I have on the car.
  • Welcome and congrats on the car! If your door tag has a BZ paint code and a CZ interior code then it is very likely a feature car. Feel free to send me your VIN and I can check to see if it was previously registered. john@triplewhitefox.com
  • Dennis, that's interesting. I've never heard about gold door locks and lock push-downs. Have you obtained a Marti report for the car? I'm not sure it would help in this regard but it's always nice to have.
  • Hi Dennis, welcome to the site and to the forums! I have seen an occasional triple white feature car with gold emblems. Long ago, I asked some people that are more knowledgeable than I am and the opinion is that these badges were dealer installed…
  • Yes, I have heard of them. There were a very small number made and they were rental cars. The number 4 seems to come to mind on the number.
  • Sounds like a good time. I've read and see video of other groups doing tours of the Smokies and it looks awesome.
  • Please report back on how you like them. My tires are 10 years old now and I'm not sure what I will replace them with.
    in tires Comment by TWF_John December 2018
  • I have finished the upgrades and the forum is now on the latest, most secure version. If you see anything weird, please let me know.
  • Hey there, welcome! I received your registration just fine. It sounds like a great find with 11k mikes and a 5 speed. A bunch of us go to Carlisle, PA every year in early June. It's great to hear you are in PA! I hope you can join us next year.
  • Hey, welcome! How many miles on the car? I have not heard of a car coming from the factory with a code mismatch. It was likely converted somewhere along the line. Not that that's a problem - if the car is what you enjoy, that's what's important. En…
    in New Member Comment by TWF_John June 2017
  • Cool. I've been able to change my schedule around. I should be there late Thursday night. So, I'll also be around on Friday.
  • I've been meaning to post an update. This year, I won't be there until Friday evening. Don't have too much fun before I get there! I'll be there through midday Sunday.
  • Welcome! Good luck with the car!
    in new member Comment by TWF_John May 2017