1993 Feature Mustang Registration


Since this questionnaire asks for some personal information, you may be concerned with how it will be used. Please see my statement on privacy for details. To this end, there are very few required fields on this form but you are asked to fill in everything as completely as possible. I encourage you to provide your valid email address so I can communicate with you now and in the future.

1. Only fill this out if you own a 1993 Feature Mustang
2. Fill in as accurately and completely as possible. You will need information from your door tag and body buck tag so go check it now! If you need help with the body buck tag location, check the section on identification.

Owner information
Original owner
Car information
I know this information is redundant if you fill out the next section on door tag information but you would be surprised at how many of these I get with no door tag info. These are the most important values in my database. For that reason, these two required fields are necessary.
Color (exterior/interior)
Vehicle Certification Label (Door tag)
You can gather the information for this section from the door tag on the jamb of your driver's side door. If your door tag is missing, please use the comments section at the end of this form to specify exterior color, interior color, transmission and stereo type (if factory). You can use our door tag decoder to find out what these codes mean.
VIN must be 17 letters and numbers
Body Buck Tag Information
For information on locating your body buck tag check the section on identification. Enter each line separately. Try to keep spacing as accurate as possible.
Factory Options
Other Information
(modifications, history of car, etc.).