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  • I disconnected the regulator arm from the window and the motor can't move the regulator. I wish it was the guide bushings but I think the regulator is frozen up.
  • It does not move with the motor. The motor works fine. I actually bought a new motor and installed it but it does not move the regulator. I had it out and it does not move by hand without lots of effort. I will work on the bushings ... I might …
  • Welcome...great to see new fox enthusiasts
  • For my 1993 triple white fox...I bought the powder coating from ford that matched the factory color and had the rims powder coated. Be sure whoever does it, bleeds out all the color from the rims 1st to get all the oil out. After, there is a clea…
  • When is the Springfield show? I am only 2 hours from Springfield .. Might be a good chance to get together with some limited edition folks.
  • I hope everyone got home safely and enjoyed the event. Did everyone get a chance to see the unique cars displayed in the more lot. There were some awesome ponies with great stories.
  • I left Saturday morning as well once I saw the weather forecast. I made it back to chicago in one day. My TWF did all 12 hours with only gas breaks. That speaks to how durable the old 302 ford engine is. Safe travels to everyone.
  • I was at the show but left to get some beers and food. Love the show but food is not the best
  • I just arrived in Charlotte. Weather looks good. To anyone coming to Charlotte out of Tennessee on 40E -- once you hit North Carolina there are North Carolina state troopers from mile marker 20 every few miles so be careful of your speed. Safe t…
  • I am now heading down early due to work and will arrive Monday afternoon in Charlotte. Are any special edition owners up for a cruise to and dinner at this hole in the wall diner that is supposed to have one f the best fried chickens in Charlotte? …
  • I am driving down with a group from my local club from chicago. We are going through Knoxville. We are stopping there Tuesday night to arrive in Charlotte Wednesday early afternoon. If you are going that way we can meet up.
  • Winter in Chicago has been awful. Finally some 50 degree days. Can't wait to take the 93 convertible out of storage on April 1st. See everyone in Charlotte
  • I added my name to the MORE parking as well. It will be nice to see some special editions parked together....thanks for the info
  • I am parked inside the speedway but worry that I can't leave before 5 pm. Parking outside might be better.
  • I love the idea....maybe we can get some special editions for a cruise to a dinner location Thursday.
  • I am going stop by...sounds like it will be fun....does everyone have reserved parking? I do...it might be nice to try and get a bunch of special editions parked. Y each other
  • The vendor area sounds like it will be fun...how many vendors are expected?
  • Is anyone doing the opening night event? Are there other events outside the official events? Is there any planned events for the TWF folks like a cruise night etc.?
  • What are people doing as far as the evening events? Is anyone going to the opening night event or the BBQ? I am still undecided
  • So are most folks staying around the speedway? I am staying with my club down by the airport. How far is it from the airport area to the speedway?
  • Sounds like a bunch of fun - I am driving from Chicago with about 12 folks from our Mustang/Ford Club. I would love to meet some other Limited Edition Folks since I am the only one in my club and there are not a bunch in the Chicago area.
  • Great Pub for the limited edition foxes! Love the glimpse of the website. Finally some love for the rare and cool limited edition convertible foxes!!!!