Winter project - seats

My winter project is centered around seats. I have a few minor issues to take care of. Right now the driver's seat is out of my car. I'm swapping out the power seat switch and possibly going to tackle debugging a slowly leaking lumbar support. I have a second seat that I am using for reference and parts. While having the two side-by-side on the bench I noticed something. There are numbers marked on the bottom. In the picture below, my seat is on the left and has "3 8". My spare has "4 16". With my car being built on 3/10/1993 I think that the "3 8" could be a date. This might be widely known but I didn't know I'd find this.

Convertible Top Glass

This is quite possibly the best deal on feature car parts right now. NOS Ford with Carlite glass for your bright white topped 1993 feature car. It's on ebay with a BIN of $189 plus $89 shipping.

One is listed but the description hints that there are more.

Reproduction VIN labels

Over at the SSP forums, there is a thread on reproduction VIN labels created to gauge the market for such a thing. Ford licensed. About $100 for a set and available for order after the start of 2015. This seems like a good idea for those doing restorations and the like.

Carlisle always surprises

Early Sunday afternoon my son was eager to hit the road after our three days in Carlisle, PA at the Ford Nationals. He was ready to go and a little mad at me that were were staying until mid-afternoon. Truthfully, I was ready to go, too. That was when my phone rang. It was my brother who had attended with us but had the sense to leave first thing on Sunday morning. He was home already. He asked if I had taken a look at the calendar that we all got in our goody bags. No, I hadn't. He said I should look at October 2015. He said that we were in there. Hmmm. So, I did. And, we were.