Channeling my energy into something positive

I’m not one to just roll over and take it. My recent run-in with Ford left me wanting to take some action. Sure, I could write to the highest level Ford executive for which I could find an email address and explain to them how promotion of the Mustang hobby by myself and others really helps their brand. But, that would leave me dwelling on the negative and probably result in a form letter response.

It’s time to move on! In the last month or so I had been thinking about how to capitalize on the close watch that I keep on ebay auctions for feature cars and parts. I realized that by becoming an ebay affiliate I could get credit for referrals from my site to ebay that result in bids, wins and new accounts. This results in no additional cost to the bidder or seller. Ebay simply shares their profits.

I used the energy I had coming off of the Ford thing to get off my duff and sign-up with ebay for their affiliate program. The result to this site is that the for sale/wanted page now starts with lists of feature car and feature car part auctions active on ebay. This is an experiment of sorts to see if being an ebay affiliate is worth the time and effort it will take to maintain the list. They have a number of tools that can be used to embed content into web sites but the set of things I want to link to is so specific that I have found that manually generating it is the best way. I will make every effort to keep the list up to date until I devise my own automation. Therefore, pay attention to the ‘last updated’ date at the top of the page. Refresh often if it looks to be old.

Hopefully the work I do to route out feature car parts on ebay can help you and in return, if you ultimately buy an item that you link to through my site, I might get a little $ that helps to support this site.


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