Recycling at its finest

Chris writes:

I was doing some kitchen work and was removing an old and dated cabinet to make room for a bay window. I needed a place for my power tools so I decided to make it worthy of placement in the garage. I spray painted it with a few coats of Krylon Fusion paint made for plastics. (Patriot blue, looks like Ford blue) It’s made with the same adhesives found in model glue so no sanding or priming is needed. Still, I gave it a once over with 220 sand paper. I bought a Mustang window decal on ebay for $12 and spent another $7 on new chrome hardware. It now holds all my power tools. I bored a hole through the bottom and ran the cord out for my cordless drill battery charger. Nice weekend project.

Chris' cabinet before

Chris' cabinet after

Very much like what I did with the cabinets I used in my garage. The major difference is that I picked up mine at a garage sale for $5 apiece and they were orange! Another difference…Chris took the time to tell us how he did it. Thanks, Chris!

Winter is here

Freezing rain, sleet and snow are heading into my area tonight and tomorrow. I usually use the first event such as this to signal the end of the season. We had a dusting of snow on Saturday morning and some towns put down salt. I view that as the sign that it is time to put the Mustang into storage.

Today I topped off the tank, added some fuel stabilizer and pulled the battery and put in on a maintainer. I still have a few things to do but I don’t see the car leaving the driveway until spring. It still needs a wash before I can cover it and I would like to do an oil change.

I just checked my mileage on the fill up and calculated that I drove it almost exactly 1,500 miles in the last 12 months. Not bad considering that in the last couple of months it does not feel like I had it out much at all.

I’m sure I will find things to keep me busy over the winter…