Garage419: Full Carbon Fiber Ford GT? Ford SVT Headquarters Tour

Recently, one of my favorite web sites has become I find it an entertaining coverage of cars in general and a good way to unwind at the end of the day. An added bonus is that once in a while a story will include a fox body Mustang. Today, that’s not the case but it does link to a pretty cool video of a tour of Ford’s SVT Headquarters.

Jamal Hameedi takes Garage419 on a tour of the SVT headquarters in Dearborn Michigan. We take a look at Cobra R’s over the years, the GT500KR, a hanging Ford GT as well as an all carbon fiber Ford GT and of course all the engines casually laying around the facility.

The tour includes a 2000 Cobra R. I have seen several of these locally and have known they are rare but I guess I never realized just how luckily I have been to see them regularly. The guy from Garage419 stated that he had never seen one! Last year I saw four at a relatively small (150 car) Mustang show at Mustangs Unlimited.

2000 Cobra Rs

So, if you’re a Ford person (which I think many of you are) I thought you would probably enjoy this video if you have not yet seen it.

Full Carbon Fiber Ford GT? Ford SVT Headquarters Tour – Garage419

Personalized license plates

Some time ago, a discussion on personalized plates didn’t quite get off the ground in the forums. Personally, I wanted a personalized plate immediately after I got my feature car. Although, I was a little hesitant to get something too specific to my car. As unlikely as it seems at this point in time I was afraid of getting something like “93 TWF” where later it just wouldn’t work on another car (another car?). For example, at my workplace around the time I was considering this there was a Subaru Outback with a plate “RONS Z”. Every time I saw it I couldn’t help but think that Ron’s previous car must have been a Nissan.

I struggled and struggled until one day I was meeting with my boss and she concluded our pep talk by saying “giddy up”. And, that was it! I found a variation of that available in my state and the rest is history. I also like that saying because my favorite show of all time is Seinfeld and the character Kramer on the show would occasionally use that saying.

What started this whole stream of thought was a 7-up car I just spotted on ebay. The plate is “MY 401K”.

1990 7-up as 401K

Not that the car is not a good investment but that’s one of funniest and most original I have seen in a while.

UPDATE: A thread on personalized plates has started in the forums.