Looking forward to top down driving

I had my TWF out for a ride today. Top up. Though, the weather is finally starting to feel like spring is coming. It is the kind of weather that makes you remember that owning a convertible is about the best thing ever.

While out for the ride, I remembered that today, March 10, is a day that I usually fail to remember. It is the anniversary of the build day of my car. March 10, 1993. It is now 19 years old. Wow.

I purchased it in April 2002. So, this year marks a milestone for that – 10 years of ownership for my car. In some ways, that’s also hard to believe. In other ways, I can’t remember what life was like before owning it. Actually, it is much like thinking back to the time before you had children. You remember that time existed but are sure that you wouldn’t want to go back.

To commemorate the event, I dug up pictures from the original for sale listing for my car.