The New 2011 Mustang V6. 0 to 60 Fast. F to E Slow

I’ve been seeing this commercial every night during the evening news. We usually record the news on our DVR, watch it later in the evening and skip through the commercials. Except for this one. I always stop and watch this in its entirety. Sometimes twice.


“Custom vehicles. See dealer for ordering details.”

Regardless, it seems like owning a V6 Mustang (with the V6 Performance Package) could be pretty cool and makes me think that the V6 is no longer a second class citizen. BTW, I think it gets 31 M.P.G. 🙂

Five-oh on the five-oh

Late last year I posted that I was almost at 50k miles when I put my car away for the winter. I haven’t driven it much this year but, earlier this month, I went for a ride and thought I would be back well before I hit 50k. It turned out that when I got home I was only a few miles short. So, I drove around the neighborhood for a little while and, in true OCD fashion, pulled the car in the garage at exactly 49,999.9 miles.

49,999 miles

Then, I was away for almost two weeks and it sat. Well, last night I finally manged to muster up the courage and I took it out and finally moved that most significant digit to ‘5’.