Running in the snow

The storm of last weekend didn’t have a large impact here but still left 5 or 6 inches behind. In early December, I came upon an article on a method to get better traction in the snow with running shoes. The article is called The Screw Shoe and is a cheap option for better traction. I tried it and put about 12 screws in each of an old pair of running shoes.

Studded Running Shoe

When I wore them for the first time I tested them on a patch of ice and they were very grippy. The trail I usually run on was only somewhat snow covered that day so I did a test run. In less than a half of a mile I discovered a problem – the screws were slightly too long in the front of the shoe where the sole is thinner and when I stepped on a rock or other uneven part of the path, I could feel the point of a couple screws pushing back.

There never was an actual puncture through the inner bottom of my shoe but it felt like a sharp little rock and I had to bail and go back to my non-modified shoes and run on a paved road. Darn.

Today, was trial run #2. Last night I replaced├é┬áthe screws in the front half of each shoe with a shorter variety. This time, no poke-throughs. I did 3.5 miles in the packed snow and the uneven footing was a great workout. I ran part of the same course yesterday with non-modified shows and, maybe it was just psychological, but today with the modified shoes I felt more surefooted. I’d love to hear any suggestions on running in the snow.

Snowy Running Trail

A Large Collection of Scanned Car Brochures

Ron E. emailed me to tell me about a web site which has a very large number of car brochures and other car-related articles, images, wallpaper and other digital material. If you like cars, you’ll find something you like on this site as it covers many years, makes and models. It’s put together by a guy from Norway who has a serious love for American cars.

Most relevant to this site, it has the 1992 Mustang Brochure.

Link: Hot Cars by Hans Tore Tangerud

50k miles – not this year

I have been following the discussion in the forums from new member gokstate74 who has 45k on the clock. I mentioned in that thread that I am close to passing 50k on mine. When I filled up on the day I put the car away for the winter I captured my gas mileage with my mobile phone camera as I do with every fillup as my mobile phone camera has become my substitute for writing a lot of things down. I was just reviewing the images on my phone and was reminded of how close I got this year.

Odometer just short of 50k

It will sit the winter with this mileage. At the beginning of this year I thought I would pass the 50k mark as I started the year at 48.5k. I guess that means I didn’t drive it enough this year and I sort of look forward to turning 50k in the spring.

2010 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals Registration

Tom G. (noac) yesterday brought my attention to the fact that registration for Carlisle All-Ford Nationals for 2010 is open. I don’t know how long it has been open. I have tried to get to the registration form quite a few times yesterday and today and have experienced a lot of problems.

But, when I did get there I was surprised to see a list of clubs predefined which is different from past years where it was just free form type in. And, guess what? is listed.

Carlisle 2010 All Ford Clubs

I haven’t been in communication with them since the last show so I guess they are assuming there will be a contingent from this site as there has been in past years. So, lets not let them down.

I just registered myself. I will have more details in the near future as I haven’t even started planning yet. But, you can assume it will be generally the same – we’ll get a tent and I will be sending out emails to rally the troops.