50k miles – not this year

I have been following the discussion in the forums from new member gokstate74 who has 45k on the clock. I mentioned in that thread that I am close to passing 50k on mine. When I filled up on the day I put the car away for the winter I captured my gas mileage with my mobile phone camera as I do with every fillup as my mobile phone camera has become my substitute for writing a lot of things down. I was just reviewing the images on my phone and was reminded of how close I got this year.

Odometer just short of 50k

It will sit the winter with this mileage. At the beginning of this year I thought I would pass the 50k mark as I started the year at 48.5k. I guess that means I didn’t drive it enough this year and I sort of look forward to turning 50k in the spring.

3 thoughts on “50k miles – not this year

  1. You only get 79 miles on a tank of gas! lol jk. My car has about 19,200. It will be a sad day for me to see all 5 numbers roll over!

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