Major Overhaul of Feature Car Part Number Lists

Just today I finished a big project which was an attempt to assemble every part number for the unique parts that make a feature car different from a standard Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible. I did this by browsing a Mustang parts database. This included interior and exterior parts.

I probably don’t need to tell you that it wasn’t easy.

There was no consistency in the descriptions used. Some did use “Feature Car” or “special edition” but many did not but could be differentiated due to the use of colors (white, yellow and red) in the descriptions where standard parts were black.

Some things that stand out as interesting in terms of the naming (not that I advocate changing how we commonly refer to these things):

  • “Performance” white was used over “Vibrant” white for the 1993 parts
  • What we usually refer to as “piping” on the 1992 interior was referred to as black “welts”
  • The spoiler was identified as being part of “Convertible performance package”

The  parts lists appear on this site as part of the Frequently Ask Questions pages. I also added parts diagrams where relevant as well as a few new pictures of parts that I have assembled since the lists were last updated nearly five years ago.

If you can think of any parts missing from the list, I would be happy to attempt to identify part numbers for them.

Links: 1992 Feature Mustang FAQ (with parts list), 1993 Feature Mustang FAQ (with parts list)

1993 Mustang CD Faceplate

A while back I asked in the forums how hard it was to swap a faceplate on a 1993 Mustang CD stereo. Around the time, I had purchased an NOS faceplate just to have it in case I find a stereo that is working but has a worn faceplate. I was still waiting for it to come at the time.

Even though I don’t have a full replacement I figured now was a good time to investigate the feasibility of a faceplate swap. It turns out the swap is pretty simple. There are just four plastic clips holding the faceplate to the stereo.

No screws need to be removed. Just carefully pry it off from the top or bottom.

Once the faceplate is off the circuit board is exposed.

I often mention the difference in the edge vs. other Ford CD faceplates for the same stereo. Here is the one I have from an ’93 Explorer where you can distinctly see the difference with the rounded edge for the Explorer.

It is interesting to note the part numbers of the Mustang and Explorer faceplates. Both have the same apparent part number, F32F-19A023 B.  The difference is the number in the circle preceeding the part number. The Mustang version has a “1” in a circle. The Explorer has a “2”.